Company overview

MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED is registered under the company’s Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We have wealth of experience in Marine and Safety equipment, Chandling & Catering Services, Consumer Durable Goods,
Construction, Electrical & Instrumentation, Leasing and Petroleum Product Importation and Marketing.

MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED is 100% owned by Nigerian professionals with proven track records of competence and achievement in Marine, logistics and Petroleum products supply.

Our business objective is to maintain honesty, integrity and respect for those we do business with. We also firmly uphold the fundamental importance of Safety and the promotion of trust, transparency and openness of mind, teamwork in getting the best success in all our transactions. With these
principles in mind, we recognize and uphold the trust and confidence entrust on us by clients, partners, employees and others with whom we do business with. With a strong logistics base in Onne and Apapa ports, we are well positioned to respond to the needs of our clients. We have at our disposal the technology, man power and experience to deliver prompt and efficient services

Innovative Project Management, Home Appliances, Petroleum Product Supply, Marine Services, Chandling, Oil and Gas Engineering Solutions



MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED is a network team of personal experiences and expertise combined into the established skills that co-ordinate our day-to-day activities.
In managing human and material resources, these groups of personnel consist of experts who define and implement our policies.


MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED as an integrated group, far from competing with each other, our team contribute staff and resources to projects as required wherever their location. We fully recognize the individual and collective actions and talent of our employees and provide a work environment, which promotes a sense of accomplishment and self esteem.


Our security in MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED is corporate discipline. An attitude on the part of everyone, the same discipline as Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (Q-HSE).
Management and all employees are legally obligated to protect facility and information owned under MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED and maintains confidentiality. Therefore awareness and employees training is assure at all level.


MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED recognizes that it and its clients are engaged in projects, which by their very nature could be involved in hazardous activities. That is why we conduct our operations in a manner that serves to prevent accidents and danger to the health and wellbeing of our clients and employees.
Total Quality Assurance, has poised MARVEL LOGISTICS LIMITED in our operations within standards approved and to ISO’s. All formal quality directives are adhered to in-line with client’s requirement. All technical services are carried out and comply with the required standard of application as well as health, safety and environmental requirements.

Vision Statement

  •  Creating good life

Core Values

  • To maintain high standard of integrity,
    transparency and respect for people.

Mission Statement

  • Building together a better life

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