Oil & Gas Engineering Solutions


Oil & Gas Engineering Solutions

Oil and Gas Engineering Solutions

Our highly trained team of Engaged Experts, located across Nigeria and Africa possess hundreds of “man years” of experience in providing consulting and advisory services to the Oil & Gas Majors and their Supply Chain partners from the R&D phase of a product or components design, through prototyping phases and on in to production and active service.

Marvel Logistics offers a range of advanced and application oriented Engineering Services to help solve a wide variety of mechanical engineering and structural engineering analysis problems for the global Oil & Gas sector. These include:


Engineering design services

  • Thermal design and rating
  •  Pre-engineering / Tender phase
  •  Setting plans & Shopping list
  •  Detailed engineering phase
  •  Mechanical design calculations
  •  Fabrication drawings package
  •  3D-Modeling design
  •  Pipe Stress engineering
  •  Studies & Consulting services


For equipment such as:

  •  Shell and tube heat exchangers
  •  Double pipe heat exchangers
  •  Plate heat exchangers
  •  Helixchangers
  •  Waste Heat Boilers
  •  Pressure Vessels & Drums
  •  Columns & Towers
  •  Steam Surface Condensers
  •  Spherical Pressure Vessels
  •  Reactors
  •  Separators
  •  Air coolers
  •  Filters and Strainers
  •  Tanks & Silos
  •  Skids & Modules
  •  Piping
  •  Structural
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